Lynn's Brook

Lynn’s Brook is a village of a few hundred people, nestled at the bottom of the Blacksteel mountains and on the northern edges of the Highlore plains. It was built upon the ruins of another town predating the Incursion War that happened nearly two decades ago and its one of the settlements furthest into the area that the war ravaged so viciously.

Lynn’s Brook is very diverse in its populace owing to the fact that it is a new village only a few years old which was settled by farmers looking to make a new life, many of them being all who remain from other towns and villages destroyed in the haze of slavers and raiders that followed the end of the war.

About 2 days’ travel up the mountains from the town is the remains of a dwarven monastery which was once well-known for its disciplined warriors who became well-known during the Incursion before it was destroyed in a Gith attack near the end of the war.

The nearest major center of civilization is Everglen, which is about 2 weeks travel to the west.

Lynn's Brook

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