History of Norrain

1st Age

Almost nothing is known about the time period known as the 1st age, not how it began, how long it lasted, or what transpired in this age. Legends tell of massive elemental cities ruled by beings of pure elemental power, of the mortal races being born from the mixtures of elemental blood on the battlefields, of the dragons themselves being created as nothing more than weapons to be wielded by beings of nearly divine power, but even the most arrogant scholar would not claim to be able to explain anything about this era with any level of certainty whatsoever.

2nd Age

The 2nd age was the heyday of the human race, and is characterized by the rise and fall of the Golden Empire. Little is known about the Empire or what caused its destruction, but its fall was catastrophic and much of its knowledge was destroyed in civil war or simply and mysteriously disappeared along with entire cities of people.

3rd Age

The 3rd age is the era known most closely by the inhabitants of Norrain, for that age has only recently come to a close with the end of the Incursion War. The 3rd age began after the collapse of the Golden Empire, and the reign of power that the human race had enjoyed ended with it. Power became much more evenly distributed between the mortal races and the primary struggles during this age were not between races over land, but rather battles fought between the forces of good and evil. Industry boomed, and the forces of the Elemental Crystals were begun to be harnessed in their most effective manners yet known.

4th Age

The 4th age is fresh and no prophet would even dare to predict what the future holds for the people of Norrain; not a single nation remains, and most of what was known as the civilized world has been left nothing more than smoldering rubble. Who knows what turn the world will take next?

History of Norrain

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