One of the 4 nations which resulted from the dissolution of the Golden Empire, Geryt was quickly taken control of by an ancient green dragon. For many years the people were oppressed by it, until Maxillian Greave, a strange sorceror from far-off lands destroyed it in a massive battle.

Greave re-named the former capitol Raven’s Nest and introduced his goddess to the people, who adopted her as their religion.

Hundreds of years later Geryt was occupied by the githyanki during the Incursion War and was largely destroyed near the end of the war when a massive necromatic explosion occurred which centered on Raven’s Nest and expanding outward covering almost the entire nation, causing the creation of the Deadlands.

Geryt was not left without a people, however. A great number of people managed to escape the occupation by fleeing over the mountains that protected Geryt’s western border and into the Bone Marsh, resettling together and creating the city of Raven’s Reach.


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